outlook 2007 anchor tags slightly off?

Is it just me or does Outlook 2007 not 'jump' to anchor tags accurately?

I only really noticed this now when I went to check out CM's latest newsletter, I clicked on a list item and it jumped, however it was totally off, it seems to have this huge gap at the top thinking that's where the anchor lays.

I went to previous campaigns from other clients and they're all doing the same thing.

is this just my Outlook or is this really happening?


veigd, 8 years ago

i encounter the same issue. who has solution?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Elaine, thanks for getting back to me. For the benefit of anyone reading this thread, I'd like to confirm that Outlook 2007 doesn't 'jump' properly to anchor tags. The huge gap is about 100px from the top of the reading pane, which can be pretty confusing to readers.

For more details, check out our recent blog post on the trouble with anchor tags. We review Outlook '07 and a handful of other major clients in there as well.

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