Can my client create & send own email?

I own a web design company in the US, and am needing a email newsletter campaign solution for my clients.  I just found this site,, and looks like it might be good.   

You see, we have several clients, but one of our newest clients (that my team is creating website for now), well this client has asked & wants to be able to put his own data into a monthly email newsletter to send out to HIS email list of customers.   Meaning, my web team create his initial customized newsletter template, and then somehow give him access to where he can put his text and pictures into his weekly or monthly newsletter and send when he wants to.    Is this possible????   Or, would I only have creative setup, design and sending capabilities?      FYI, it's an art gallery, very legit.      I figure I could create a newsletter for him with the content he would provide me, but I want to know is.....can HE create and send out his own???   And then I'd be billed for what he sent & I'd pay as a reseller, and then I'd upcharge & invoice my client.   Bottom line, can he create/send newsletter, or do I have only this control/capability?       Thanks, Greg

Stig Stig, 10 years ago

Hi Greg, you just described Campaign Monitor's sister product, MailBuild:

"MailBuild is a white label email newsletter tool built just for designers. Design a template for each client, set the price they should be charged and let them create and send their own great looking email newsletters."

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