Bounce Settings

I seem to recall that with the "old" CM I could set how many times a subscriber could soft bounce before being considered a hard bounce and thus automatically removed.  Now I can't find where to set that - Is it gone?

I recently sent a campaign for a client where there were 3 or 4 soft bounces due to "Mailbox Full".  The follow up campaign was sent to those same subscribers again and I'd like to avoid that.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Anne,

That setting was indeed removed. Now by default they'll be automatically converted to hard bounces and removed when they've bounced 3 times with no trackable activity in between.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
quena, 8 years ago

Diana / CM,

I missed the announcement that this feature was being changed, and a quick search of the blog didn't turn up anything after the feature was first announced in 2004 (

Seems to me that, any time you remove functionality (in this case, remove the user's ability to set the number of hard and soft bounces before a subscriber is marked "Bounced out"), the announcement should be fairly prominent and straightforward.


    -- Quena

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