Need ability to search my newsletters

I am keen to make the web version of my newsletters searchable, as they have become a kind of log with some popular appeal. I have placed links on my website many months ago, which opens the newsletters nicely, but I have been unable to find phrases in any of these newsletters in a Google search.

Could you have a look and maybe suggest a solution?

(I posted this query elsewhere on the forum some 4 days ago, apologies if I should just be more patient...)

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


We actually deliberately disallow robot indexing of newsletters, because we have more people who definitely *don't* want them showing up in results.

You might need to create your own web archive (stored on your server) to get real search results for those, at this time.

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rynbow, 8 years ago

Thanks Mathew,

I can understand the logic in newsletters not being automatically searchable. It is however, something that in my case would be very desirable.

I did that (create my own web archive on my server) here:
but I don't get any search results. I may be missing something.

videomonkey videomonkey, 8 years ago

I did not realize that you were automatically doing that, I added the no index code to my template anyway.

rynbow, 8 years ago
Mathew :

You might need to create your own web archive (stored on your server) to get real search results for those, at this time.

You provide a great service, much better in my opinion, than a blog.

I created my archive on my website - by linking to the c/send archive. This works very well, apart from not being searchable. I looked in my template for the NOFOLLOW tag so that I could remove it, but it is not there. It is, however, there when I do a view page source of my newsletter on the web.

Am I correct in presuming that in your note (quoted above) you mean that I have to create, manually, by copying and pasting, rather than by linking, an archive? This would be beyond my skills unless I do it page by page and link by link.

I am sure that a lot of newsletters are educational or entertaining in character, and that many of your users would like to have an option like this. Is there a practical way of enabling searches of our newsletters?

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