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I've read the blog post about the spam issue with hotmail and yahoo accounts.  Its one of those things I guess, and must be causing a lot of stress at Campaign Monitor Towers, which I dont want to add to, but I'd question the way it was communicated. 

Most of us are running this as a white label product, and the first we heard about it was a client sending us an email asking when the problem would be fixed.  Cue me hurriedly logging in to see what the client was seeing so it looked like I had a clue what they were talking about! It should really have gone out on an email to all account administrators.  Also, we now have a huge banner telling clients not to send any emails.  I can see the rationale, but again, having this within the administrators control would be better.  We have a pitch tomorrow, part of which is to show a demo of the system and its not going to look too good seeing a big banner at the top saying we cant send emails to hotmail and yahoo at the moment.

Is that something that can be either taken down or made optional asap?



Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the feedback.

I certainly understand your frustration, and I can see how the way we communicated this wouldn't be ideal for everyone. Because of the many different designer/client situations across our customer base, it's difficult to  efficiently communicate something like this to the affected persons. But our main priority has been to inform people who are actually sending campaigns while we're having this issue, be it designers or clients.

Emailing all designers isn't really a desirable solution, because so many don't use Campaign Monitor every day, and haven't been affected. Also, if we were to send urgent information like this via the designers, more clients would likely not get the message in time.

That being said, we'll certainly take your suggestions into consideration should we end up in this situation again. We'd also appreciate any other feedback on how we can better keep you guys in the loop in situations like these.

Again, we apologize for the trouble, and hope to hear back from Spamhaus soon.


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tshannon0 tshannon0, 8 years ago

I'm sure you could have a list of "active clients", as in people who've logged in recently or their clients have.

You could default to showing the warning to everyone, but like Dave says give the designer the option to switch it off, or edit it with their own info (contact details etc).

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