Spam filter check returning "Unavailable"

I'm just setting up our first campaign and have run 3 spam checks.

The first, during the process, indicated that Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 tests failed but when all the tests were complete these had changed to Passed.

The second and third tests have both completed yet say that  a few of the tests were "Unavailable". Namely Outlook 2003 and Ironport (and another but I can't recall which now).

How do I go about getting the last test re-run since returning "Unavailable" isn't really much help.

Is this normal or regular behaviour for the spam checks? It kind of devalues them a bit.


Kris, 8 years ago

Earlier today I did a spam/design check and not even a single preview was made. All browsers showed an "unavailable" icon. No spam filter gave results ... not a single result for any of the tests. (I guess paying the 5 USD is the only function working :-))

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