Total opens... what the??

One question I keep getting from my clients is... "What do the Total opens actually reference? Why would one recipient open our campaign 50-60 times in one day?"

I have noticed similar reporting in some of my/our own campaigns. One recent campaign was apparently opened 47 times by the same individual within a 6 hour period. Furthermore the same individual opened the same campaign 17 times within a 5 minute period. And further still, opened 7 times with the span of 1 minute.

1. How are the opens being tracked? i.e. what is considered as an open?
2. Why or even how is this possible (assuming the recipient is not insane) within a such a short time frame?

Any ideas?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Check out for more details about how opens are tracked, and which ones cannot be tracked.

The most likely answer is that subscriber forwarding the email on to a bunch of other people. Each one of those people opening it would appear as an additional open for the original subscriber.

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SPIChuck, 8 years ago

Something else that causes multiple opens as you state is if the user is using a preview pane in their email reader. For example, if you have Outlook set to use the preview pane and also have your incoming email sorted from newest to oldest, If I open an email received after the newsletter then delete it, the newsletter will show up in the preview again and cause an additional open to be counted.

ozmo ozmo, 8 years ago

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Thanks for the insight. Both replies are very helpful.

Thanks again,

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