Slow site today?

Hi not sure if it is just me but my admin area for campaign monitor seems to be running slow today. I am based in the UK.

Also as a result the links in my email are also taking a long time to load.

I was planning on sending out an email today.

Is it just me or is the site running slow today?

joe90, 8 years ago

Snap, I’m experiencing the same problem.
I’ve sent an email off to support, but am still waiting for a reply.

boardwise, 8 years ago

Same here - I ran a test mail and even that was very very slow to load images in outlook. I've got a campaign ready to go but dare not send it if it's so slow.

i'm sure all will be cool shortly.

Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 8 years ago

Same here, emails have been really sluggish the last few weeks I have noticed.

I am also in the UK, we have run tests on our broadband, and all is fine (apparently)

Richard @ Frontmedia

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