Newsletters... is Length a campaign performance issue?

I have recently been butting heads with my boss, who is a little older and doesn't fully grasp email marketing. The issue is, she is stuck on the idea that if email newsletter articles are longer than a paragraph that it will hurt campaign performance via unsubscribes. My point is, IT'S A NEWSLETTER. The idea is that its news, lengthly sometimes, but information the subscriber wants. What does it matter if it's too long?

We recently had a client who was sending newsletters to their clients. People opted-in to get news based emails about recent news that pertains to them and the company. And she forced them to trim each article to one paragraph, and take the time to setup a "landing page" with the full length articles on it. I tried to tell her that this completely defeats the 'easy' part of this system and made it very difficult to even send out a simple email. And it totally defeats the purpose of the automatic archiving feature that Campaign Monitor has. As a result the client ran away and we haven't heard of them since. And she is still stuck on maintaining a completely manual online archive of newsletters and keeping them short with a "read more" link to the manual website. In my opinion, a landing page should only be necessary if you are selling something or trying to capture information.

Anyone have any examples or articles I can send her way that can help drive some sense into her? I'm afraid we are going to lose many more client when this should be a pain free and incredibly easy service to sell.


style campaign style campaign, 8 years ago

Hi Frustrated,

the only way to know who is right is to do an a/b test. Design one newsletter with the full articles and another with teaser paragraphs linking to the landing page. Segment your list and see which performs better...

- Anna

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