Clicks reporting when using the same URL multiple times

In the situation where you include the same URL (e.g. to a landing page) multiple times in an email, is there some way to uniquely identify clicks on the separate uses of the same URL in the reporting?

At the moment reporting aggregates the number of clicks on any given URL. This means there is no way to tell which of those links (e.g. the one at the beginning, the one in the middle, the one at the end) is working most effectively.

Is this something that requires use of unique query strings (/page.htm?id=uniqueidentifier), or of TITLE tag, or some other functionality I'm currently not seeing in CM?


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hey Ben,

Right now, a query string on the end of your link would be the way to go to create 'unique' URLs that show up separately in your reports.

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