List cleaning function??

Hi, I have an idea I wanted to run by everyone.

We are launching a new tv show here in California, we have been collecting names from a variety of sources over the last 18 months and we are about to implement email campaigns into our show promotion.
As a long time customer of Campaign Monitor I am very aware of the spam reporting problems we all do battle with! The problem in this case is, I have a lot of addresses that I'm not comfortable with importing into the system because they don't meet the spam guidelines, so I am proposing new functionality that I wanted to get other users feedback on.

Under the "Add new subscribers" page when using either the cut and paste or the import from a file function, how about CM adds new functionality in the way of a checkbox - "Send opt in email to all new addresses"

So the names we add would receive an email that we could customize, something to the effect.....

"Hi, xxxx - you expressed interest in our new TV show, XXX XXXXXX. We are sending you this email as we prepare to begin our email updates, if you would still like to hear from us please click the following opt-in link to join our list.

We could of course achieve this by using our own email application, but obviously there are limitations to the number we can send, etc. And this functionality just seems to make sense to me.

It could even be another revenue stream for CM!! I can't believe I just suggested this - List cleaner.. $5.00

Look forward to hearing your feedback.
thanks, rick kirk

jenwoglom, 8 years ago

I agree.  I have a client with a very large list (65,000 subscribers) that they swear they obtained correctly (via opt-in on their website).  I have my doubts both to their methods of collection and the recentness of the list.  I'm hesitant to allow them to send to this list for fear that it will trigger spam complaints and ultimately suspend our account. 

I could convince the client to do a double opt-in for the list, if they could customize the message.  Any thoughts?

arachne, 8 years ago

Hey Rick! You can do this already by creating a subscriber form in Campaign Monitor and hosting it on your site. Just send an email out asking people to re-opt and point them to this form. If they complete the form, you know they are interested and they will be automatically added to your CM email account. I have used this technique with clients in a previous role and it ends up giving you a very clean and active list. However, you need to keep in mind that there will be many recipients that won't re-opt in, which causes alarm for marketers, so make sure you set that expectation! All in all though, this is a great way to keep your list active and clean. - Small Business Online
check this out, 8 years ago

That sounds like a job for the preference center.

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