subscriber-unsubscribe will unsubscribe from all lists...

Hi Guys,

I'm plugging campaign monitor into our web-app, to allow users to subscribe, unsubscribe easily from our a number of lists we have.

I've found some weird behavior though. It seems that subscriberUnsubscribe will unsubscribe a user from ALL lists. I guess this seems a little odd since the API documentation states

"Changes the status of an Active Subscriber to an Unsubscribed Subscriber who will no longer receive campaigns sent to that Subscriber List."

Based on the fact a listId is asked for in the API, then it seems strange it unsubscribes the user from ALL lists.

Is this a bug in the API? If so, we can we expect it to be resolved?


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Mark,

It's likely due to the suppression list and your list unsubscribe settings. By default unsubscribing from one list adds that individual to the client wide suppression list and unsubscribes them from all other lists as well. You can go into the individual list and go to Unsubscribe Settings and change it to unsubscribe only from this list rather than all lists and they'll then only be unsubscribed from that one list and not added to the client wide suppression list.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
mark_oz, 8 years ago

Thanks Diana,
Thats exactly what i'm after.


sob, 7 years ago


I'm dealing with same issue. However I'm creating lists through API and on default it sets list unsubcribe setting to  to use suppression list. Of course I can go and change the setting by hand, but we have multiple clients creating multiple lists through our software.

I have search all documentation and cannot find either parameter to change this setting when creating a list or update list. Is there way to change this setting through API?


-juha vakkila

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Juha,

Unfortunately this configuration details is not controllable via the API, you'll have to change it manually as you have been.

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