PDF Export properties AUTHOR

I just did a quick EXPORT from the reports page to see what it would look like for my clients.  I was disappointed that the properties of the PDF shows "createsend.com" as the author. 

While I didn't expect it to show our company name, I was expecting it to be blank.  Can either of these change be implemented soon?

My concern is that if you Google "createsend.com", the 2nd result is:

Create An Account - Campaign Monitor
... they'll login from this address too. You can use any name you like with letters and numbers only, but no spaces. Site Address .createsend.com ...

The title says Campaign Monitor, and if you go to the link... complete Campaign Monitor branding.

For this reason I have also avoided allowing the customers to pay themselves at a marked up rate with the fear that someone will Google createsend.com when they see it on their credit card statement.

I really hope that the campaign monitor team can address these very soon.  The system is absolutely amazing, with just these few very important shortcomings.

Thanks for listening, and hopefully addressing :)

Kind regards.

amanda2009, 8 years ago


I am keen to hear CM feedback on this as maybe an idea to have this changed?


virtualahmad, 8 years ago
amanda2009 :


I am keen to hear CM feedback on this as maybe an idea to have this changed?


You and me both (and I'm sure others as well).  Thanks for the support on this issue.

Blake, 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. We'll look into this to see if either of those changes are possible, we appreciate it isn't ideal.

Having said that, we've certainly not had any cases of this being the cause of someone finding out about Campaign Monitor, as it would take someone pretty keen to get that far.

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