Import .csv but keep signup date information

We have a few clients who were previously using CM but who we are now setting up on Mailbuild. Now, at the moment from what I can see, I have to export the whole database from CM and import into MB. This works fine for name, e-mail address etc, but the problem is that you lose all the historical data of when the user signed up, as it just shows they all signed up on the day you did the import.

I know you can export from CM with the date field, but you dont seem to be able to assign this to a date field in Mailbuild when re-importing. This would be great to be able to do, as we could then keep the signup data intact.

Hope that makes sense - and maybe it is possible but i`m missing something? WOuld it be something that could be implemented, as it would save explaining to clients that they will lose this sometimes valuable information.



Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hi Alex. I'm afraid you're not missing anythere there, we do plan to improve how we handle date values for custom fields in both apps soon, but in the mean time I'm afraid that data isn't transferrable. I'll notch that down as another vote for improved date handling. Thanks for the feeedback.

damienbuckley damienbuckley, 10 years ago

What about importing the exported date into a custom field?  Not perfect but at least you'd have a record until the system is updated.

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Good call Damien, I'd definitely recommend you take that step Alex.

Alex Alex, 10 years ago

Cheers for clearing that up. We've already got a duplicate of all the data which sits in a sql database as it ties in with a members area, so the date info is already being saved so when the functionality does get implemented I can just do a complete re-import into MB, date 'n' all.

Huey Huey, 9 years ago

I am switching from another tool to campaign monitor. In the old tool I have "Date Joined" and "IP" fields. These are part of the CSV file that I am going to import. Is it possible to bring these fields in to the Campaign Monitor database through the CSV import?  Thanks in advance for feedback.

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