Sending out to a set number of recipients


Can anyone help me with this - I need to send out to 750 people of my 22,000 subscriber list today and then 750 people from the list on Tuesday. I need to make sure that the two groups are completely distinct but I don't mind how else they are calculated (ideally just randomly selected). Could anyone let me know how I can do this via campaign monitor?



davo, 8 years ago

Hi Cara,
If you dont think you can do it with segments, export the whole list to Excel and create a new, smaller list from there.


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

We don't have an automatic way to do it, right now adding a column (like a 'group' field) and filling it with values like 1 and 2 for the two groups, would then give you something to segment on.

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