Seeking Freelance Developer

I am a designer out of Portland, Oregon, and I am looking for a highly skilled developer to help with programming tasks relating to Campaign Monitor / API.  I need someone to help me with advanced Campaign Monitor integration/API for the sites I maintain for my clients, as well as my own website.

It would also be great for this person to help in other ways, such as PHP, CSS, HTML, JQuery, and (if it's really perfect) Adobe Creative Suite for Design.  Please e-mail me what you do, your skill level, your availability, and rates.

Jon Simons

Dave Dave, 7 years ago

Jon, I've just shared this post with our followers on Twitter, so hopefully someone will spot it and help you out.

cburt002, 7 years ago

I just posted a similar need... (see post in API Developer Community called "API developer needed" by cburt002).

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