Unwanted "This email was sent to [email address suppressed]..."

Why there is (preview)"This email was sent to [email address suppressed]. You can instantly unsubscibe from these email by clicking here." at the end of message? I want it off!!

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

eMKoo, you can hide this message by adding your own unsubscribe link to your email content, which we explain here:


eMKoo, 8 years ago

I have unsubscribe link on my campaign template (message is in finnish language).
I still get that message added to the email.

  <td class="footer" align="center" height="30">Mikäli et jatkossa halua viestejämme, napsauta <unsubscribe>t&auml;st&auml;</unsubscribe>.
    <br />
    Lähde: Kontaktirekisteri (asiakkaat/prospektit/kumppanit: päättäjät/vaikuttajat/pääkäyttäjät)</td>

go4 go4, 8 years ago

I'm also getting a duplicate of the unsubscribe message although it's included in my template - mine's in English.

www.go4.com.au | WordPress & Campaign Monitor services
Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Sorry for the trouble here guys, it turned out this duplicate unsubscribe link was related to an update we pushed a couple of hours ago. I can confirm we've since rolled that functionality back, and after running a few tests can also confirm the issue has been fixed.

Thanks so much for letting us know, and apologies for not spotting this earlier.

eMKoo, 8 years ago

It seems to me that you still must change template to another and back on a draft to get rid of duplicate unsubscribe link.

go4 go4, 8 years ago

I confirm this in my case too - had to change template, preview and change back to get rid of it.

www.go4.com.au | WordPress & Campaign Monitor services
lovely09, 8 years ago

I'm glad to hear that it was already fixed.I will still change the template for assurance of getting rid to duplicate unsubscribe link.

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