Weird subscriber signups

This is an odd thing that's been bugging me for a while, and I was wondering if anyone had any insight into it.

Through the subscription form on our website, we get a LOT of bogus subscriptions that follow the same basic format.  The  email address is usually [gibberish]@[gibberish].com; the name is always the same word repeated twice - sometimes [gibberish], sometimes a real name. 

Here are some recent examples, all from the last few days:    bgdfccd bgdfccd    fordino fordino    huntube huntube    dsfef dsfef    kcpticx kcpticx    dgsd dgsd    Odysseus Searles Odysseus Searles    Rei Rei    Osric Aschach Osric Aschach    Jael Jael    Denver Denver    Jason Jason    Brady Brady    Nyoko Nyoko    Gavrie Gavrie    Cournane Cournane    Samuel Samuel    hjnyzlavgbg hjnyzlavgbg    trasetube trasetube

Of course, these bogus addresses all bounce out eventually, but they cost me a penny each, and the annoy me no end.

I've been assuming that these were the work of some bot, since they seem algorithmically generated, and who would go to the trouble of doing all this by hand?  Further, I've been speculating that there may be some sort of exploit or attempt to compromise the email database behind it.  Otherwise I can't see the point.  Unless it's simply to annoy me.

Anyway, we're getting a lot of these, and it's getting worse.  I periodically weed them out by hand, but that's a pain too.

Has anyone else seen this sort of thing?  Any insight into what it's all about?  Any info that anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Joomlabo, 8 years ago

Yes I have seen this and have been equally annoyed. They are as far as I know results of some stupid robot and you shall have to put on one of these smart question based verification formulas in order to avoid it. Or some better login form which will allow you to make certain that anyone who wants to register has to be verified by you. Which is a  bore of course, so the best solution is a verification which is based on human interaction,

best regards

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