Campaign Monitor site slow and email image load slow

Hi everyone.

I have noticed over the last view weeks that the Campaign Monitor site has seemingly been getting slower and slower... has anyone else?

I have also noticed that emails sent through the system are loading slower and slower (Outlook 2007), images are struggling to load... even 1k spacers take a while to load... is this happening to anyone else?

We have been dogged with a dodgy connection here at the office for a while, but have recently had a phone engineer and a broadband engineer out to ensure that the line was ok. Line is fixed, and as good as it can get.

Unfortunately, the slowness of Campaign Monitor and emails sent through the system seems to be persisting.

Based in the UK, I appreciate that as an Australian based company you may well have your servers there and to that end, there could be some delay, but after running some tests servers in Australia are pinging back as fast as ones here...

Are Campaign Monitor aware of an issue? and if so are you looking into it?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Richard,

We are not seeing lots of reports of slowness to this extreme, but we are definitely looking at ways to ensure that our images are loading as quickly as possible, as well as our pages.

Our servers are actually in the US, for your information.

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Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 8 years ago

Thanks for the reply, something does appear to have happened recently based on the number of similar posts in the forum, all around the same time... will give it a week or so and see if it settles down...


AlexOsborn, 8 years ago

We have also been noticing the campaign monitor website and application running noticeably slower from our offices - our company is located in Auckland, NZ. This started about two weeks ago.

However we haven't noticed any issues as far as viewing campaigns goes, but I'm sure this is more due to the campaign content than the website hosting.

typoman typoman, 8 years ago

I noticed actually that image loading is sometimes really slow. Over 30 seconds in different e-mail clients on differents systems about 30 minutes ago.
Then 30 minutes later the loading was lot faster. Hope that this will be the normal situation :-) Especially when my client is testing his next letter with the new layout.

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