Campaign Monitor add "3D" to tag attribute declarations


I'm sending test messages with CM using a template I created and it's working fine on all platforms: Thunderbird, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. The layout width and alignment is wrong on Outlook 2003.

I checked the source code of the sent message (in Thunderbird and Gmail) and I notice that CM add "3D" in attribute declaration of every tag. For example:

<body style=3D"margin-top:0;ma...
<a name=3D"top" id=3D"to...
<td width=3D"215" height=3D"1...

This code doesn't show up when I preview the template or when I preview the campaign.

I suspect Outlook 2003 is having a hard time dealing with this.

nuroweb, 8 years ago

I guess my question is: Why is it doing that and can I prevent it?

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