Subscription Notification

Will / Can I receive an email notification when someone completes a subscription form so I know someone registered without checking my "Manage Subscribers page?


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Torweb,

There isn't an email notification sent. You could create some custom code yourself to have one sent. Alternately, we do have a daily RSS feed that you can subscribe to that lets you know every day if you have new subscribers.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
torweb, 8 years ago

RSS would work.  Is it possible for my client to use this privately to get updates on subscriptions.  I've built them a template from scratch and didn't include any links to an RSS feed so I'm guessing that wouldn't be available to anyone but them.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

torweb, the RSS feed is list specific and it's available from the list management page. So as long as your client has access to manage their subscribers (and can therefore view the list management pages) they'll be able to access the RSS feeds). Only people with access to that account (you and that specific client) would have access to that feed.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Pam1234, 8 years ago

I hate to complain especially seeing as how I love CM and think you're an awesome company... but really, so many people are requesting email notification and the usual response is "You could create some custom code yourself ..." With all due respect, if we knew how to do that, we wouldn't ask. The RSS feed is a nice feature but it doesn't really tell you anything other than numbers. You still have to login to see details of who subscribed.

My client needs email notification because they are allowing subscribers to ask questions/request info via the subscribe form and they wish to respond quickly. I know there is only so much CM can offer but could some kind soul at least provide a clue as to how to do this? I don't mind donating $$ for assistance. Would it be via hidden form field? All Google searches have been futile and I even asked at the Site Point forums and they said to offer it as an improvement suggestion! Thanks.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hi Pam,

We appreciate the feedback. If you are willing to pay, then you might just want to get a web developer to set up your form to do that, it would be a pretty small job.

You just need them to make your form first send a copy to an email address before completing the normal submit process.

The idea with Campaign Monitor forms is really to get people added to the list, whereas it sounds like your client is using it as a general contact form too. So we do understand those are slightly different requirements.

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agershom, 8 years ago

In response to having this same problem, I created an autoresponder / subscription-confirmation script. It is currently successfully in use on a client's site. If anyone is interested in purchasing this script, please contact me for details.

Michael Rubin
(773) 442-2601

jrweinb, 6 years ago

The lack of a notification email is absolutely ridiculous. I can only imagine that this is part of the CM strategy to prevent the service from being used as a contact form, because I doubt that this feature has been overlooked or is too hard to implement. Even so, this is a terrible strategy. I am forced to use mail chimp for an upcoming project because of this.


Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Hi Jeff,

It's certainly not part of a strategy to prevent anything, it's just not a feature we've built in for a variety of reasons. You only have to read these forums to see that what some people consider essential is not at all appealing to many others.

Perhaps you can elaborate on how you want to use the notification email, as there may be different ways to achieve the same end.

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