Please remove the square bracket from links in auto-gen text version

Hello Campaign Monitor,

could you remove the surrounding [ ] square brackets from links in the auto-generated text versions? Some email clients tend to link the URL including the closing bracket in certain circumstances.

gMail, for example, will include the closing bracket in the link if the bracket is immediately followed by a non-latin unicode character.

And there must be a thousand different rendering techniques that mobile email clients use.. the bottom line being that it's hard for the rendering agent to distinguish a bracket from the URL if it's all together.

Another alternative would be inserting a blank space between the bracket and the link.


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention yonhokim, I wasn't aware that this technique was causing issues with some email clients. I've passed this one on to our dev team, and we'll look into safer alternatives to replace the square brackets with.

yonghokim yonghokim, 8 years ago

Thanks! I noticed you added a space before the closing bracket now.

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