Segments vs. Separate lists - which way to go?


Just setting up a mailing list with a few different main topics, I set it up as one list with 5 custom fields that show up as checkboxes on the subscription form so user can pick which topic he/she wants to subscribe to and I'm planning to use segments to send emails to users interested in a specific topic. This seems to be the most streamlined approach to me...

Is there a reason why I would setup different mailing lists for each email topic instead? I'm just trying to figure out the main reason why you'd use completely different lists instead of segments... If anyone has a good example to illustrate the practical differences bt. both approaches, I'd be most grateful!


Diana Diana, 8 years ago


In your scenario I think the segment approach is the best one to use. In that case it means you can also use the preference center tags in your email to let people go in and update their preferences and the "lists" they're subscribed to as well as unsubscribe from all (via the unsubscribe tag in the email or via the preference center). People do use separate lists in scenarios like that but the segment approach is generally more streamlined and better lets people manage their subscriptions.

Other than the preference center thing though, it's really a matter of preference for you and how you want to approach it and manage it.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Finge Finge, 8 years ago

This is a tricky balance. In general I find it easier to manage everything as one list and using segments. Hands down - segments is really what helps us run a relevant and engaging dialog with our various customers.

I only opt for separate lists when I want different comfirmation emails. For new customers needing more information we use this confirmation, while for excisting customers a slightly different one.

Hope these examples will be of some help.

PS. Please bear with Google on the translation from Norwegian to English.

minimaldesign minimaldesign, 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback!

I guess I'll stick to segments for now... I just wanted to make sure I'm wasn't missing something obvious that would come back to haunt me later down the road when I got a million subscribers... ;)

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