How does it work?


The person usually using Campaign monitor is on a maternity leave, so I'm kind of new with all this, and there is something I don't understand.

We're creating a campaign every month for our existing customer base, and we also have a list generated by inscriptions on our website.

I just imported my monthly list on campaign and on 8000 name, 1500 are deleted from the list, and I'd like to understand why. I've understood that when a email adress bounces or is unsubscribed, it's automatically removed from the new lists. But is that all? If there are email adresses that appears on a old list and my new one, are they deleted also?

Thanks a lot!

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi cbissonnette,

If you're importing a completely new list then the only reason addresses would be removed is if they're duplicates (existing more than once in your import) or if they exist on your suppression list (having unsubscribed, bounced, or marked as spam in the past).

D. Potter
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