unwanted link

trying to do this

p.poweredby a{color:#666666; text-decoration: none;}

<p class="poweredby"><a href="htp://simplebyte.net/email">powered by SimpleByte</a><br />

I think this is the reason an unwanted link shows up right in front of the text "powered by SimpleByte" in the footer.

here's a link to the newsletter. http://campaign.simplebyte.net/T/ViewEmail/r/28D9292233549811

saw the post where zune was replied to but in my case i have a valid link present

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi sanjeev,

It looks like the tag in your template is just <a href=""> rather than actually linking anywhere, that's what's causing that stray URL to show. You want to put an actual URL in that tag to get rid of it.
<a href="">powered by SimpleByte</a>

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
sanjeev sanjeev, 8 years ago

thanks diana, but i was pretty sure i had updated the template. could have been my firefox cache. sorry about that.

thanks again.

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