A question (or two) about multiple lists or multiple clients


This one has got me scratching my head as to how best to handle this...any ideas? I have tried to answer the questions myself... but im kinda stuck as to the best course of action as you will see.

We work for a house builder, that has multiple developments.

We are often have to send emails out to potential buyers of properties within the developments.

Usually the emails are stand alone and relate only to a single development, but occasionally they relate to multiple developments or are far more general and relate for example to a change in interest rates.

Currently the house builder is a client, and each email is a seperate job. With each email we are provided a list.
CM does not 'manage' the data as a whole, due to how the data is collected etc...


The concern I have is what happens if for example:

► A potential buyer has subscribed / given permission to receive emails from the house builder.
► They like the look of 3 developments and want to receive email updates about them.
► When the emails are sent by the house builder, the potential buyer decides that 2 of the developments are not for them, so unsubscribes.

My first question is... Am i right to assume that if they unsubscribe they essentially unsubscribe from the house builder as a whole rather than the development or put another way the list that was sent for this particular email?

So although in the example above they are still interested in hearing about 1 development their unsubscription will prevent them from receiving emails for the ones they want.

If this is the case what is the best way to handle this?

One idea I had was to create separate clients for the developments, that way ensuring (I think) that the lists I am provided do not interfere with one another, so allowing people to receive emails from the developments they choose. Of course I would need to be explicit at the bottom of each email that they are only unsubscribing from the development rather than the house builder as a whole.

Is there a way to allow people to unsubscribe from specific lists and not others, is this possible, would we need to create a seperate form?

When i have unsubscribed from emails, i am sometimes given the option to select what i unsubscribe from... is this something that CM are looking to introduce...is it already here and I am being a spanner and not seeing, for looking.

The other problem of course, is what happens when the house builder want to send out a more general email, perhaps covering several developments or as mentioned above a news story?

The separate developments as clients would have its own suppression list, which would mean running the risk of sending the email to someone who had potentially already unsubscribed from one or more development.

I guess the best way to summerise what i am trying to do is...

► Ensure that potential buyers, always receive information concerning developments they are interested in, but also ensuring they do not receive emails about the ones they are not interested in.

Having looked at the unsubscribe settings I can see that you can choose between unsubscribe from all lists, or just a specific one... The best way i can see this working is by allowing people the choice of what they unsubscribe from in a form. Anyone else agree?

Cheers for reading...


fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

I'd personally sign up to a real estate website and get the inside knowledge to see how it's done. From what I've seen you would typically sign yourself up for certain results, and unsubscribing would remove you for those 'alerts'.

The easiest way would direct users to a 'Update Details' page and give the user the choice of receiving what they want. The amount of options would depend on how many different emails you are sending.

Hope this helps.

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Blake, 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback Richard.

Campaign Monitor is not really designed for alert-type messages, so any implementation like this will be pretty messy.

As you mentioned, you can change unsubscribe setting so that a recipient unsubscribes from just that list. You could then create a separate list for each housing development, so when a user hits unsubscribe they aren't removed from anything else.

However I'd also follow fyredefyre's suggestion of linking to an "Update Details" page where a user can select which lists they'd like to receive mail from. You may need to use the API for real control, which would require some development skills.

Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 8 years ago

Cheers for replying guys,

Fyredefyre - i agree that is the simplest option, but as i say the hardest thing from our perspective is that at the moment list management is done solely by the house builder... i think this is something we are going to have to bring up with them...

Blake - api is the way to go... i am sure...

Hardest thing i have found is to convince existing clients that they should use another system to part manage their lists... with new clients its easy peesy.

Any way thanks for advice...


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