Images linking to Anchor Tags within email?

My client wants images (used like a menu) that link to jump points within the email. Ive used <a href="#A">text</a> successfully with the text links, but cannot apply this to an image link as it automatically adds - http:// - to the link. Is there another way around this? Or can I specifify a hardcoded path? Please help!

torweb, 8 years ago

I think the answer for you is to insert an anchor tag to the section you want to link to. The format is as follows:

Image with link - a href="#A" (#A is the location name of the anchor link)

Section to link to (Anchor Tag)  -<a name="A"> (this is the syntax for the name of the anchor location)

This is HTML stuff that would to be coded into the newsletter index page.

Karen, 8 years ago

Thanks for your suggestion torweb. But yes, I know that! What im meaning... is that Campaign Monitor automatically puts - http:// - at the front of all image links, so the code would be - http://<a name="A"> - which doesnt work. Is there a way of removing the - http:// - or specifing a full path?

lischq, 7 years ago

I had the same question as Karen -- but looks like this was never fully answered as of 9 mos. ago.

Is there a way to allow a client to add anchor links when they're editing a campaign using a pre-set template?
I find that "http://" automatically gets added to all links that a client adds, which obviously is a problem if what you want is an anchor link with href="#foo"


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