Gmail Images on IE8

Hi there,

I'm having a prolem getting images to display on our newsletter using Gmail on IE 8. Images display fine on Gmail when I use Firefox and everything is fine in Outlook and on other systems, it seems strange images would not display on Gmail IE8 only. Anyone else have this problem (or a solution).



Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Andy,

That's an odd one. Have you checked in any other versions of IE? It could just be IE itself rather than IE8 in particular.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
kickpleat, 8 years ago

I discovered this yesterday too. Then I found this:

Juanzo Juanzo, 7 years ago

Indeed, if you have Gmail with SSL and the default security options at IE, you won't see the images.

Phil Phil, 7 years ago

Hi guys,

We're working on this one. A while back Gmail started defaulting to SSL for the vast majority of customers. We have historically served our images over normal HTTP but this does mean that with default security settings IE8 has this rather irritating behaviour.

Fixing this is not as easy as it sounds. We are in the process of obtaining a certificate which will be automatically trusted even by the most ancient of browsers, to avoid the worse still situation of older browsers complaining about how the certificate isn't trusted (which would make everyone, you and us included, look pretty dodgy).

Once that's sorted we'll post an update here.

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