Personalising with pictures?

Is it possible to personalise a campaign with pictures? We are looking to use the companies own logo on the mail.


Tom Hicks.

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi Tom,
if you're asking what I think you are, the answer is absolutely :)

You can make your very own template, which can look any way you want it (more or less). To do so, you need to know (or learn) some HTML, or get help from someone who does.

To get you started, you can use some of Campaign Monitor's free templates. You can customize these with your content, your logo, your colors, your everything.

If you need some inspiration for your newsletter, Campaign Monitor has a great Email Design Gallery, where you can see lots of purty newsletters. You can also take a peek at their code, to see how they did what they did.

Once you have your template and your content all done, you create a new campaign in CM, and upload your stuff.


The Campaign Monitor Blog – HTML email smarts to go with your good looks.
chrisabad chrisabad, 9 years ago

So I figure there's two things you can be asking:
1. How do I create a custom template?
2. How do I personalize each email with an image (in the same way you can personalize text using tags such as [firstname] and [email])

#1 was answered above. Is that what you were asking, or are you asking for #2? I have a response to #2 for you, but it's a little more complicated and I don't want to confuse anyone if it wasn't the question. =)

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