Job posting: Use PHP/API to display list of subscriber info

I represent an online signature-gathering campaign. We use CM to store the signatures, including several custom fields.

We want code that will pull x number of random subscriber records and display their names. (Subscribers have given their approval.)

- Must work when embedded in a WordPress page.
- Must pull and display x number of records, where we can change the value of x.
- Must pull records at random.
- Must ignore records marked 'do not display'. (This flag resides in a multi-option field; e.g., display='do not display'.)

- Should pull records with specified flags. (Records are flagged in a multi-option field, 'display', with options like 'vip', 'normal', and 'do not display'.)
- Should be able to EITHER pull records from a single specified flag, OR pull records with one of two or more specified flags, according to our preference; should be able to display them EITHER interspersed OR in separate lists, according to our preference.

Please send an email to stating your interest, along with a list of 2-3 custom PHP/API projects and 2-3 examples of custom WP work. References would also be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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