Linking titles changes mainbar title font size... HELP.

Newbie of Newbies here,

I managed to edit a CM template to practically everything I want. Only, when I link a title of a story in the editor, it changes the font size to a smaller number. When I remove the link, the title returns to the proper sizing.  I can basically toggle the title size of my email stories with the link button; lame. I am sure the problem lies between the keyboard and chair on this one, but I am pretty sure I didn't screw anything up. Again, this is when I am editing content of the email.

I managed to change the title size with basic html in the small title box after I added the link, but it then increases the font size of the toc repeater title which should be smaller than the mainbar title. Otherwise the toc title stays the same with the original issue. Basically everything I have tried creates new problems.

Anything I can do either in the editor or in the template?

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