Templates: Image loosing height

I have the following code in my template html

<div id="header_image"><img src="<$imagesrc$>" width="768" height="249"/></div>

When I upload the template and preview it, I see the code below. It appears to be loosing the height. Do you know why? Because of this when I go to use the template the FPO image is about twice as high as I want.

<div id="header_image"><img width="768" src="/images/image-fill.gif"/></div>

I feel this would confuse someone who is trying to utilize this template as to the correct dimensions the image should be.

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

Is the image originally the same height or has it been stretched?

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Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

If you upload an image of the correct height, it will not be changed, but basically Campaign Monitor uses the width to determine if an uploaded image needs to be resized.

We always change the size proportionally though. The idea is that you define the width in the template, and if your client uploads something wider, it gets reduced to match the template's width.

Your client can't actually see the template code in any case, so you'd need to let them know what height and width you wanted them to use.

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