Segments and Templates - how do others solve this problem?

One of the biggest shortfalls in CS IMHO is the lack of dynamic content based on segmentation. For example

    <p>Look at this great deal for swimmers!</p>
    <p>Great article link for runners</p>
    <p>Hit the target here!</p>

I have a client who has about 16,000 subscribers and they have all indicated which of 6 topics they are interested in. This gives us 36 possible options in terms of content.

Expecting our clients to send 36 separate emails at a cost of $5 plus send each is unrealistic ($180 for any campaign) or alternatively to send out emails for each and thus users could receive up to 6 copies which I'm sure would do a lot to decrease the costs of sending a campaign out fairly quickly.

Could I, for example, put a reasonable amount of code into a custom field? If so, how much? Although how would I link to images and the likes that way? Perhaps some kind of hack using comment tags or hiding might do the trick?

Alternatively, can I order the content by segment?

So what are other people's work arounds?


Franck, 8 years ago

I have the same needs. Does this feature is inside the roadmap ? If yes, when could we possibly have it ?

My client has to build 12 different emails and then send them one by one every weeks. This is really annoying since this could be automatized with such feature. More than saving 5$ per mailing, we would save two hours of a boring task by week.


andywhite, 8 years ago


I am with you!

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