Email Sending to Junk or Spam Folder

I am trying to send an email out for a Hotel in LA on a 48 hour sale.

I have tried several subject lines to keep the email from going to spam but none of them are working.

Custom Hotel Los Angeles - 48 Hour Sale Rates from $69
Custom Hotel Los Angeles - 48 Hour Sale
Custom Hotel Los Angeles 48 Hour Promotion
Custom Hotel Los Angeles
Custom Hotel LA

None of these are working, they are all sending to spam. My email address that it is sending from is

Any suggestions??


Diana Diana, 8 years ago


It's not necessarily the subject line that's causing the filtering. It could also be something in the content itself (most email clients look at subjects, the email content, etc). We'd suggest taking a look at the email content as well. Try cutting it in half and sending another test. If it gets through then you know the half you removed contains something that's triggering the filter and you can edit from there. If it doesn't you can try the other half. Good luck, those filters can be tough!

D. Potter
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