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I started using Campaign Monitor as a test for one of my clients about a week ago. I am very ipressed about the features and simplicity of the system. I am probably going to offer it to my other clients as well.

In order to make the system even more easy for my (dutch) clients, I really would like the backend to be translated. I've not found this feature in Camaign Monitor yet. Is this because I am not looking good, or isn't the feature avalible yet?

I think translations would be a great extention for the system.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


Thanks for your feedback. Campaign Monitor (the backend application) is only available in English, and we don't have any plans to offer other languages.

You can of course send emails in any language though.

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Jonathan Persson, 8 years ago

I would also love this feature!

Expanism, 8 years ago

I would also like this see this feature it will be more attractive for clients to use campaign monitor.

Joris, 8 years ago

I would also like this feature. Allmost all my clients speak Dutch or French natively so it would be much easier to sell. Despite the fact that English is the universal language, people respond better if communicated to in their native language. I would gladly volunteer to make a Dutch translation, no problem.

samuel02, 8 years ago

I totally agree! Would it be very hard to make config - files where all users could translate the backend to their own language!? I would love a Swedish version..

holder10, 8 years ago

I agree.
Client: "So, that is your software, right? You are a german designer, why did you make everything english when the rest of your site is german?"
Me: "Uh... oh..."

No, really. I guess there are quite a few designers using CampaignMonitor who have mostly not-english clients. It could be a community project as well. :)

janji, 7 years ago

I agree, too.
same reasons as holder10.

Please make CM the #1 eMail service in europe, too! : )

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the additional comments guys. We appreciate your passion for Campaign Monitor (even though we are not planning to add other languages).

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mavink, 7 years ago

Can I just add another vote for a translation feature? It seems there's more than enough interest!

holder10, 7 years ago

As I said, couldn´t you consider a community project for additional languages?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks, however the major part of this would be not the actual translations, which we have plenty of volunteers for, but the enormous amount of up front and ongoing development and design work to make it possible.

We've got lots of other things we'd like to add and improve with Campaign Monitor, so we're just not planning to add other languages at this stage.

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slavoie, 7 years ago

I greatly love that feature, so you will be next to taking over the world! ^_^
If you need translator, I think I and a lot of people can help doing this!

Samuel Lavoie
SEO Consultant

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