No images in email test

Hi, I have designed an email with images and it looks great in preview.

When it comes to sending a test email the images disappear when viewed in the email client?

We use outlook 2007. Last week when I ran a similar test email the images were fine.

Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

I have tested the mail in hotmail and it is ok and I have the domain and sender on my safe list in outlook.

Rgds, Ben

Robslost, 8 years ago

Having exactly the same issue - Working in Hotmail/Gmail. Not in Outlook 2007?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Ben,

I think we're already looking at this via support but let us know if we're not.


Outlook is a tough one. In Ben's case (unless I'm wrong!) we haven't been able to replicate it, so it's even tougher. A few things to look for. First, Outlook strips out things like images and formatting if it thinks the emailis junk mail, so always look for that first (sometimes it's tough to notice). Second, look at the images themselves and make sure they're not CMYK color profiles or things like that. Can you view them in IE for example?

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
timboyates, 8 years ago

I'm having this problem, too.

The campaign works if I send it to Googlemail or something, but when I send to my work address the images don't appear. I don't think it's a problem with Outlook as I'm using web access and other people are using Entourage etc. It looks more like an Exchange issue (that's the mail server we're using).

Looking at the source code the images are there but with the 'src' attributes stripped out and replaced by blank spaces......

Robslost, 8 years ago

Hi Diana,

Thanks for you response, however, it isn't the issues you mention and seems to be the same as Bens/Tims issue. It is not caused by the "display images" warning or Outlook spam issues.

I think the issue may be to do with MX Logic as images just seem to be replaced by  the following:

<img vspace="10" alt="Our newsletter" src="">

We can't replicate this issue and have never experienced it before, MX Logic doesn't shed any light?



JonPearce, 8 years ago

Same issue for us (logged via support). When we get the email in our outlook, it adds the following to the img source, <img defanghtml_src="

The 1st test, one image displayed, this didn't have the 'defanghtml', the 2nd test with the same email had no images display, and they were all prefixed by img defanghtml_src=

I'm hoping this is just in our internal email, but if ours does that, how many recipients have the same issue?


JonPearce, 8 years ago

Think this is down to our corperate mail filter - websense / mailcontrol.

Think we're beat on this one!

drebin123, 8 years ago

We are having the same issue.  MXLogic didn't just start blocking images, CampaignMonitor changed their naming convention late last week in IMG SRC tags.  Earlier this month uploaded images included a path such as:

Late last week they moved to this convention w/ a variable on the end:

(non-functioning examples)

It seems to be this variable causing MXLogic to replace the images with a transparent.gif. has always included their images w/ these types of variables, and MXLogic has always replaced them with a transparent.gif.  Since didn't use this convention, and images displayed reliably it was a competitive advantage, not any longer it seems.

This is a big problem and I hope they go back to how they were including images.  From, "MX Logic stands as the largest independent provider of managed e-mail and web security services in the world, helping protect more than 35,000 businesses worldwide."  There will be a lot of recipients affected.

tfiggs, 8 years ago

I thought I might as well throw another log on the fire and let you guys know that we're having the same issue as well.

Let me know when it is fixed.  I highly suggest rolled back the version and testing the new updates a bit more so that I can at least of have something that works.


timboyates, 8 years ago

Looking at my image-less email in more detail I can see we've have defanghtml added to all the imag scr tags, too. This does seem to be something that Mail Control has started doing, although it's only affecting our Campaign Monitor Emails so a change in the image naming convention would make sense.

Turning off image tracking and hosting the images ourself may make a difference if that is the case.

Robslost, 8 years ago

Hi Guys,

We've managed to resolve this by hosting the images.

From what I can now understand this is caused (in our case) by MXLogic and because we have now validated our domain with CM. Because we have the additional CM privacy settings completed MXLogic now gets told that this is a verified email and it then expects that all of the content (images) should be hosted on the verified domain.

Remember if hosting the images you also need to turn off image importing - cm_dontimportimage.

For example: <img src="" width="20" height="20" alt="alt text here" cm_dontimportimage>

timboyates, 8 years ago

I've been in contact with support about this and we've worked out the reason (thanks to this board)

There was a change in the way images are served, which should make them load more quickly:

This does however make the URL a campaignmonitor URL, which is causing the problem....

Support have turned this off for my account, and images are fine again...

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Just an FYI, there were a pretty wide variety of reasons for missing images in this post (not everyone had the same cause, I know of at least 3 different reasons from the various posts). We've rolled back the CDN changes for now and are going to be makes some changes that should resolve the issues for most everyone. Some of the reported issues weren't necessarily related to what we're changing though, so if you're still seeing problems right now it's likely unrelated and we may need to investigate further or it's just an issue with Outlook filtering (see the first posts).

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor

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