Custom domain for tracking links


This is probably more a feature request, but I am also glad to hear any other ways of addressing this issue.

We are set up as a CM white label account with a custom domain (  We have had a few requests from clients ( to be able to customise the tracking links that are inserted into their e-mails because they look very much like a phishing attack.

Scenario is as follows:
1) From: field has
2) Links in newsletter point to
3) Clicking on link then redirects recipient to

Throughout this scenario, everything is using an official domain except for part 2) which is revealed when a user of say Outlook rolls over a link. The behaviour of part 3) also makes it look like a potential phishing attack.

The only way i can see to workaround this in the current form is to create a new white label CM account for that client only and then apply the custom domain.  But this would be very annoying going forward as we get multiple clients using this.  It also undermines our own white label branding as we have to give the client the address to put in their DNS.

What would be ideal, is the ability to add a custom domain name per client so that the tracking links that are inserted into their campaigns look like they come form the client.  We would then give them our whitelabel domain name as the CNAME so that it becomes: CNAME CNAME

And as much as I love how CM tries to verify as many DNS settings as possible, it would actually be handy to have an option to override the verification as the domain may be an internal address only - i.e. company wide newsletters linking to an intranet sent via CM.

Thoughts/comments appreciated.


Dorgo, 8 years ago

This would be very useful to me too.
I am currently setting up a new account for each client. If i could manage the clients under one account with
access url:
link tracking urls:

that would be great.

mark.ingman, 7 years ago

Re "custom domain name per client" -- keen for that too!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Thank you mark, we've been recording requests for the custom domain name per client feature, so I'll add your vote. Cheers!

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Seb Neerman, 7 years ago

Vote me in for this feature too.

nickydebut, 7 years ago

Vote me in for this feature too.

Is this feature likely to be implemented in the near future?

netnoise, 7 years ago


Vote me in for this feature too.

breastcancersy, 7 years ago

This would definitely be a great feature... Looking forward to it

jason88, 7 years ago

Just wanted to give my +1, you can vote me in for this feature as well.
Would be really helpful.

Dorgo, 6 years ago

Just wanted to bump this again as I have a client with multiple divisions and domains that didn't like the tracking links of my main account.

This means I need to set up separate account for each of their divisions so the tracking links contain their domain name.

mike.silva, 6 years ago

Bumpity, bump, bump.  This feature is needed.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Thanks for the extra votes, Mike and co! I've added them internally, so keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted if it's something we plan to release in the future.

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jhoffman255, 5 years ago

Bump, bump, bump. I just lost two accounts because of the tracking links (and that we couldn't brand their admin with their logo) which means I lost the tiny profit I was making off the great markup feature. It seems that this should be a priority as it defeats the entire purpose of white-label franchising without it!


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi jhoffman255, thank you for your interest in this - I've definitely taken note of your request for custom domains and rebranding per client internally and will keep you in the loop. Sorry to hear you had this experience, we're dead keen on making things much easier for resellers like yourself in the future.

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