Ajax subscription form not showing 'Thanks for subscribing message'


Have just tried adding the Ajax subs form and it all seems to work ok except the confirmation div doesn't appear.

The page is here: http://www.restaurantgifts.com/

I have changed the following lines in the example code:

emailId = formAction.replace("http://kmd.createsend.com/t/y/s/", "");
                url: "http://www.restaurantgifts.com/proxy.php",
<form action="http://kmd.createsend.com/t/y/s/ithuur/" method="post" class="sign-up">

Any suggestions?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


It looks like you are using an image to submit instead of a button. You will need to change this:

$(":submit").click(function() {

at the top of your javascript to this:

 $(":image").click(function() {

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kmd, 8 years ago

That's fixed it - thank you :)

cdbragg, 7 years ago

Can you have a look at www.wordsforthefuture.com.au/form.html and see if you can tell me why the "thanks" message doesn't show up?

The data is coming through to the subscriber list, but I'm not getting the thanks.

In Chrome, nothing.  In Firefox, nothing.  In IE I get an error at line 55 about "data" not being defined.

Thanks in advance.


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