Add multiple subscribers in one API request?

The CM website allows you to import multiple subscribers from a CSV file. 
It appears that the API doesn't allow for adding multiple subscribers in one action.

Please can you confirm that this is so, and whether you plan to add this functionality ?

alex @ whitespace

sob, 7 years ago


I'm dealing with same issue. I have now created for loop in php to add multiple subscribers using Subscriber.Add method from API and it works fine for about 200-400 emails. But with large amount and get time-out from SOAP server.

Is there any plans to add feature to API where I could add multiple subscribers in one time?

Or,  is there some information available what is suitable time frequency to add subscriber one by one?



RussellW, 7 years ago

This has been a topic of discussion for over a year  and something that is desired by quite a few. Tale a look at


issaco, 7 years ago

Any planned release date ? This feature has been desired for years and is obviously heavily utilised on the client sites. Hard to commit to a date ?

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