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I built a new template for my client and checked it with the spam checking tools in the admin window.  Everything checked out fine.  He sent out his campaign (6,600) and received 21 Spam Report clicks.  Many of these were close friends, brother, sisters, and close associates.  He contacted them and for the most part, they were confused.  I tested a send to one of my email addresses and before I even opened it, my ISP mailserver had flagged it as possible spam. 

My question - is it possible that some of these spam checking solutions, both desktop and  server side, are automating the process and adding these emails as spam?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


The spam complaints are never from automated filters - they always represent people actually clicking the 'mark as spam' buttons in their email programs. We are integrated with those email providers, so when someone clicks it, we can show that in your reports.

Your mailserver marking it as possible spam is a separate issue, and won't result in anything showing in your reports.

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torweb, 8 years ago

Thanks Mathew...

I've talked with my customer about the number of spam complaints he received.  He is going to contact as many of those individuals by phone to see why so many clicked his first newsletter as spam.  Again, several of his family members seemed to report the newsletter as spam, so there is some confusion going on.

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