Problems with double opt-in


I seem to be having problems with the double opt-in...

I am just in the process of testing my email campaign, which is a newsletter. In order for a customer to receive this newsletter, they have to subscribe for it...therefore I have created a subscription page on my website.

When a customer subscribes (I have set up double opt-in), they receive an initial email to confirm their subscription. Within this email, there are two links, one to confirm their subscription and the other to unsubscribe if they wish. The problem I am having is with the links - they appear to not be working and yields a page cannot be displayed message. I have tested this on numerous occasions, making sure that the code is correct - however it still does not appear to be working.

Strangely enough the first time I tested it, the links worked fine - but since then I have come to demonstrate it and the links do not work. Are you having problems with your servers?

Thank you

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

This sounds more like a support question to me.. They're usually really quick to respond.

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