Google Calendar event publisher links leave a path of destruction


I thought I'd be terribly clever and add at "Add to Google Calendar" for a forthcoming radio broadcast (as per

Only thing is, they end up this long and complicated

and for some reason (as I have now found out by long and tedious trial and error) that has the adverse effect of breaking the CM replacement links (they all get shifted one or two places, i.e. link A points to the URL of link B etc.).

Has anyone else played with this, or is there something in here you codemastes recognise as nasty? I'm announcing live radio broadcasts in advance, and I've added links to iCal files, but Google Calendar would be a plus.

Goodnight from Vienna


yonghokim yonghokim, 8 years ago

Hmm.. try (or as the culprit may be the ampersand and other special characters stuck in between

jonathan, 8 years ago

Good point yonghokim. I thought of it but wanted to avoid a second redirect. I suppose I could create a tinyurl that points to a that points to a ... ;-)

Having said that, practically no-one clicked on the iCal links I added. Perhaps it was a overkill after all. You live and learn.

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