Subscriber.Unsubscribe and suppression lists

We are building an app that uses the API exclusively for client CM access; clients cannot log in to the CM interface. In trying to keep our version of a subscriber list in sync with the CM version, we need to delete emails from a list when the client does on our side. The only method I see for removing a subscriber from a list is Subscriber.Unsubscribe, but its docs say:

If the list is set to add unsubscribing subscribers to the suppression list, then the subscriber’s email address will also be added to the suppression list.

Since by default lists add unsubscribes to the suppression list, and List.Update does not allow turning this feature off, does this mean that unsubscribes from the API and the email to the suppression list?

If so, it would be useful to allow either:
* overriding suppression on a particular unsubscribe call
* turning off the suppression list for a list. This would allow me to do:
  List.Update #to turn of suppression list
  List.Update #to turn the suppression list back on


tobias, 8 years ago

On second thought, the ideal solution would be to expose a Subscriber.Delete function that works like moving a subscriber to 'deleted' in the interface.

Is that possible?


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