Segment Extension Ideas

It's probably been mentioned before, but there's a few shortcomings with segments that make it hard (or impossible) to do certain things.

For example. Being able to send a campaign out to all subscribers who have a birthday in July. There isn't currently a way to segment this as the Text Custom Field is quite basic in allowing equals/provided as the only filter options.

Does Campaign Monitor have any plans in the (near) future to extend segment functionality?

I think a way around this would be to introduce a Date Custom Field, which would give the same sorting options as the current Date Subscribed field.

Another option would to be to allow wildcards in the filtering. Then something like this might work (assuming YYYY-MM-DD) *-05-* for all birthdays in May.

What do you think?

camberben, 8 years ago

As above, I think adding wild card terms using a '*' for segment rules would be VERY useful.
Also, adding a "starts with" or "ends with" option to the menu might be useful?

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Nice ideas Brendo, we're currently working on supporting a true date custom field, which will be a precursor to an upcoming autoresponder feature we're currently working on.

We definitely know there are some small additions we can make to segments to make them much more flexible, and further improvements are already planned. Thanks for the feedback.

Textello, 8 years ago

It is very unfortunate that it is currently not possible to segment by "contains" in combination with text fields. We save every SKU a customer has ever bought in a comma separated textfield. Because we have so many products we can't use the field type "multiple options (can select many)". It would require that we update the field options every time we offer a new product in our shop which, obviously, would be insane.

Is this a "feature" you can add soon or is there a work-around?

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