Regarding CampaignMonitor campaign against Microsofts standards

I do not sympathize with Microsofts plans for making Word markup the standard for their html rendering in Outlook. But that said - I do NOT AT ALL think it ethical that CampaingMonitor uses their customer database to launch a campaign against Microsoft. If they want to campaign against Microsoft that is on their shoulders, but making their customers cannon fodder in the process I do not think is fair and I believe that CampaignMonitor crosses the borders of all decency when adressing their customers this way. It is okay to sign up for news from CampaignMonitor - it is NOT okay to be used on the companys own propagandistic campaign against another company!


studiorepublic, 8 years ago

I didn't read the email as a campaign against Microsoft, but an attempt to get them to see sense and use a decent HTML rendering engine in Outlook. The message wasn't to boycott Outlook, but to try and use a bit of consumer pressure to make them do the right thing. Dumping Word as the renderer can only be a positive thing!


Joomlabo, 8 years ago

Consumer pressure is ok by me. But I think CampaignMonitor as a company should take a step back and look at the more principal aspects of this.
1: CampaignMonitor is a company
2: which adresses another company and its product in not too favorable terms
3: using its own customer base - who has nothing whatsoever to do with Microsoft.
4: This customer base is being targeted by CampaignMonitor with... spam. That's what it is.

When signing in with CampaignMonitor one does not sign up for being part of CampaignMonitors campaign to make Microsoft change it's course of development. I feel absolutely certain that my customers wouldn't like me to user their email adresses as part of a campaign against my local bank or whoever I might have a gripe with.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

@Joomlabo Thanks for your comments and I'm sorry you feel that way. This initiative was in no way about bashing Microsoft or some agenda of ours, it was about making the lives of our customers (and Outlook users) easier. We know how frustrating coding and testing for Outlook is, and have customers mention this frustration to us constantly. We're only trying to help.

Also, this email was only sent to customers who had opted-in via our signup form or web site to receive "useful tips on email design". This is one of the biggest frustrations of email designers and something many of our customers are passionate about, which is why we shared it.

arachne, 8 years ago

I appreciate the stance that Campaign Monitor had taken in regard to this. The deafening silence from the other "BIG" email players for the last two major Outlook releases was laughable. The email marketing industry is massive and deserves respect from the Microsofts of this world. If this was done to any other industry there would be an uproar. Thank you Campaign Monitor and the Email Standards Project for your lead in this campaign. I will follow! - Small Business Online
BThies BThies, 8 years ago

Joom.... really?  Were you that bored today?

I agree 100% with Dave.

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