.png support

Does anyone know how well png images are supported, particularly png's with transparency, across the various email clients?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

I know that older versions of Outlook couldn't handle PNGs, so we've not used them, but it's probably something we'll need to research more for the current generation of email clients.

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jsem, 9 years ago

I'm fairly sure it now supports 8 bit .pngs, but that removes transparency.

zapatoche, 9 years ago

i haven't tested intensively yet but it looks promising and if the alpha transparency fail it display a regular index transparent image pretty well


mbowzeylo mbowzeylo, 9 years ago

Zapatoche... thanks for your input and the link. I especially liked the blog entry about the semi-transparent PNG8 option in FireWorks. A the start of the article I was one of those guys "furrowing their brows". Wow... I'm a believer now. Sweet! I love when a guy can learn something really cool like that.

zapatoche, 9 years ago

cool hope you will have a good week end now :P. i was really surprised by this thing.
I've been working for a while with Photoshop only and cried my eyes out to have to bug myself with png support.

I'm a fervent sitepoint reader now.

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