Direct pay and taxes

I'm in Canada and just trying to set up a re-branded site. As I was working on the site I began to wonder about charging tax. Does CM do that? If not, I guess that means I can't use the marked up billing option. I can see that there are so many variations in taxes from country to country and even within country, but that really limits the ability to use the marked up payment option.

If it doesn't add tax, perhaps that could be an enhancement request - that the admin could specify the tax rate for each client. You'd also need to include a text field for a tax ID number to print on the invoice.


web2europe, 8 years ago

This raises a good question. If as a reseller, I choose to allow my clients pay directly to Campaign Monitor - does my customer then have a direct "contractual" relationship with Campaign Monitor rather than with me?

Do the rules relating to tax and any other legal issues, then depend on the jurisdiction of Campaign Monitor rather than mine?

Jdawg2k, 7 years ago

I'm in the same boat here. I live in Canada and plan on re-branding and using the marked-up solution. I would like my clients to pay when they use it, but I certainly don't want to track and charge them HST whenever a campaign goes out. Are there any resources on this that I can look into? I realize this a problem for many countries, not just Canada.

marketinginmalta, 7 years ago

Same this end, I'm in Malta (Europe) and want to rebrand but need to know how the tax issue works with CM.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

The best course is always to check with a local tax accountant, but what we've heard from customers in the past is that since their clients are actually paying us directly, and we're in Australia, there is no tax required to be added.

The exception of course is for Australian customers, and we do charge GST for those cases.

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kevworx kevworx, 7 years ago

I've been scouring through the forums for a post related to the issue I have. I've tried emailing support, but haven't heard anything as yet. Anyway, this forum seems to be the closest I've found to the problem I have. I too am in the process of re-branding CM and have noticed the following:
1. When using the marked up solution of payment, an invoice from CM is sent to my client with the reference "c/send EMAIL NEWSLETTER SOFTWARE". All my efforts of re-branding will be entirely futile when my 'discerning' client searches "c/send". In that respect, is it not possible to use my custom domain instead?
2. A word of WARNING: When setting up the bill payment for the marked-up solution, CM has a currency list to choose from. So, I chose "New Zealand dollars - $7 delivery etc.." and set my mark-up price only to realize that the base rate is set in USD. I then had to go back, work out the currency conversion from NZD to USD and reset the price. I guess I just assumed that the currency list would have automatically done that for me. Fortunately my client hadn't sent their campaign before I adjusted the price. Otherwise I would have been out of pocket.

Kev Ngawhau
Creative @ inkworx graphic design limited
Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hi Kev,

We've replied via support already, but to confirm: We are legally required to mention c/ in the details rather than any other company. I've also edited your mention of c/send as that is the way search engines make the connection.

We do not allow search engines to index the pages that might give away c/send and Campaign Monitor connections, but sometimes they slip through and we jump on those as soon as we can.

Re: pricing, I'm not quite clear - it isn't possible to set your markup at a price below the base rate at all.

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kevworx kevworx, 7 years ago

Ahh.. my mistake Mathew. I'm actually having a few issues with my email redirection - sorry about that.

"Re: pricing, I'm not quite clear - it isn't possible to set your markup at a price below the base rate at all."

The following is just an example of how I set up my mark-up price: $10 delivery plus 2c per recipient NZD and offered it to my clients. I was later going through the billing for one of my clients when I noticed that my mark-up price was actually in USD with CM. Having already told my client that the price is $10 delivery plus 2c per recipient NZD, they in fact would have been charged approx. $13.50 plus 3c per recipient leaving me with egg on my face.

Hopefully that has explained the situation more clearly. What I am trying to say is that, when you select a billing currency, in this case New Zealand dollars, I just assumed that I could enter say whatever amount and the currency would have been automatically converted.

Kev Ngawhau
Creative @ inkworx graphic design limited

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