Images not appearing on Gmail

I have successfully uploaded html and zipped images to campaignmonitor. It looks great when I send tests to yahoo and Outlook but on gmail the images won't appear. I've sent other images to gmail and they work fine, so images aren't being suppressed. Any ideas?



Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

If the images are working in some clients and not others it would likely be either image blocking (where you have to click the 'show images' or equivalent) or it is a background image, which Gmail just doesn't support.

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Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago

You may find it useful to add a "Can't see images in this mail?" section in your email, linking through to a page describing how to add you to their whitelist so that they will always display in future.

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chrisabad chrisabad, 9 years ago

There may be specific clients which show images be default for any whitelisted senders, but I'm not aware of any. Usually, image blocking operates independently of your sender-whitelist.

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Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Chris, you'd probably be surprised by home many email clients do actually display images by default when you're in their address book or safe senders list.

Check out the results from a recent study we did on this topic.

emailcodegod, 9 years ago

I had this problem a while back i fixed it by changeing the length of the image names.


this this_is_a_long_name_of_an_image.jpg



hope this helps

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