Can I only use one <$imagesrc$> in a campaign?

Hi. I've been searching the site for an answer for this (but not come up with anything yet).

I have an email template that needs to have two <$imagesrc$> tags entered into it, one in a heading, and another in a repeater.

Both images appear when I preview the template in Campaign Monitor, but when I try to edit a campaign only the one in the heading appears.

Am I only allowed to use one <$imagesrc$> in an email campaign?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

You can have as many editable images as you like in a campaign, but only one per repeater element. When you click the edit button for your repeater, does the image field show up at the bottom?

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Tarale, 7 years ago

Ohh.. that's sneaky. I didn't see that there. I guess I just freaked when I couldn't see the image area in the layout at all!

blake.longley, 7 years ago

Ah I didn't notice the edit image link for reapeaters either! Might be handy to put a link and description of this into your resource page for using templates : )

rox, 7 years ago

I am new and related to this, how do I add other images if not through a repeater? My repeater currently has a default img size (thumbnail 72x72) and I cannot seem to be able to add images larger than that.

Do I add a separate title and description element (not a repeater as that is already in use) to have a second img that is not constrained by size?

Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi rox,

The image width you set in the template is actually used as the maximum width. So if you insert images that are wider, we scale them down for you automatically, but if they're up to the width you've set, we leave it that size.

So just choose the maximum width your design can hold, and any image should work fine.


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rox, 7 years ago

I am using Template 6 - Right Sidebar. In the editor it only shows one repeater, with one img set at 72 wide. But in the example there is a much wider image. I do not see any place in the template to add a wider image; I would like the default to be 72 wide though. Can you take a look at those files and see if something is missing? I cannot seem to produce the same results.  Thanks - and I am loggin off now, Will check back tomorrow.

Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi rox,

If you want images to be the full width like in the example, just change the width in the template to 328.

There's not really a default width other than that though - if you want an image to be narrower than the width you've set in the template, you'll need to resize it before you uploading.


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