All client's images disappeared?

I was uploading a client template and noticed the images did not load. The I checked all images in all template for all clients and they are all gone - just a broken image icon. When I refer to all images - I am talking about images for the template uploaded in a zip folder and images added to the template while making a new campaign.

Has anyone experienced this? How do I solve this?

hautlist, 8 years ago


From lack of response.. I am guessing no one else is having this problem.

I tested my campaign monitor accounts from a PC and Mac. Both have same results. No images - whether embedded within the template code or if they are added through the edit template screen.

Here are two examples:
Template 1 link
Template when view from tested computers:

Template 2 link

This problem is really cramping my business. I have submitted two emails to campaign monitor support and have not received any answers. (Yeah, I checked my spam mail).

Has something changed on the system where my photos would disappear on all my client accounts suddenly?
It's to the point that I might have to refund clients and possibly close my service down with Campaign Monitor. :(

Does anybody have any insight?

hautlist, 8 years ago


Campaign Monitor had sent prior emails but the last one got through. Just an FYI if anyone else has this problem:

It looks like something is wrong with your custom domain name. When you have a custom domain name, any campaigns that you create will have images and links that use the custom domain name, so if it's broken, your links and images will also be broken.

You will want to check with your ISP to see what could be the issue with the domain.

Mathew Patterson

Thanks CM team. :)

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